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Here a little something I made to go along with a world I'm working on.


The human race is a child race, with their parents race being a race of humanoid aliens who are responsible for their creation. Due to humans being their, children, they see it only fit to aid them in their development as a species, this being done by improving the quality of their gene pool. This is done by taking any number of the most intelligent, and having them breed. Manipulating and altering events so that absence of those taken is not noted, things will be altered further so as to see it that any children born under their watch will be given properly accommodations by those who are choosen to act as their parents along with seeing to that the parents are fit to raise said children without problem.


As their genetics and appearances are similar enough to allow attraction humans and members of their parent race can interbreed, however any child born from such a union is taken and raised by the parent race, along with the human parent.

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