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Random Thoughts On Genesis

Neon Genesis

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Earlier today I just started having these random thoughts about Genesis and the existence of God. If one accepts a literal interpretation of the Genesis account, if sin wasn't created until Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree, then how could Satan rebel against God and tempt Adam and Eve? Satan himself is the embodiment of evil, thus how could Satan exist and rebel against God before evil existed? If Satan existed and rebelled against God before evil existed, then how is rebellion against God evil? If rebellion against God itself isn't evil because evil didn't exist until Adam and Eve ate the fruit yet rebellion against God clearly existed before then, then does that mean Satan is not actually evil? Should we be in fact praising Satan for freeing mankind from God's control and giving us our freewill that we would not have had otherwise? And since we wouldn't have had freewill without Satan, then why is Satan evil?


If one accepts a liberal interpretation of the Genesis account, and that the Genesis story did not actually happen, but is merely a symbolic myth that can co-exist with human evolution, then if human evolution can co-exist with a creator God, were humans created by God or did humans evolve from God? If humans did not evolve from God but were created, at what point does creationism end and evolution begin? If humans did evolve from God, have humans evolved into a species that is higher than God? If a creator God that can co-exist with human evolution exists, then does this explain why prayer has become useless because humans have evolved into a species that is no longer controlled by God's will, but essentially they control God's will themselves through their personal interpretation of religious scriptures and natural acts however which way they desire?


Even in the bible there are scriptures that suggest that God fears humans evolving to the point that they are so powerful they can no longer be controlled by God, like the stories about the tower of Babaal and Sodom and Gomorrah, and even in the book of Genesis, God fears Adam and Eve obtaining the same knowledge as him. When you stop and think about it, pretty much everyone who claims to believe in God fashions their own God in their own image. Even if you accept to follow a religion like Christianity, you still have to choose which denomination you wish to join or else create your own belief system, and even if you accept a denomination to join, everyone has their own personal interpretations of what their God means to them, thus they are essentially either becoming gods themselves in their own image or controlling their own God's will.


So, if there is a creator God that co-exists with human evolution and a liberal interpretation of Genesis, have humans evolved to the point that God can no longer control us, and so the question of his existence has become essentially meaningless because humans have evolved into the greater species which God feared that can now control his will to mean whatever they desire? I don't know if I'm making sense or not, and this could probably be explained easier by just stating that God doesn't exist, but if God does exist, have we evolved to the point where we are no longer under the control of God's will but control God's will ourselves, and thus God's existence or nonexistence is now entirely irrelevant?

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