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Seventh Day Adventist Suicide

Internet Jesus

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I was an SDA cultist.

My family still is.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with this sect but the SDA church doesn't preach eternal damnation.

They teach that hell will be the earth, and you will be consumed in a lake of fire, but not for eternity.

They teach that you will suffer for as long as your sins were bad meaning, satan will burn for a long time, mediocre sinners will burn like a piece of lint. Isn't god thoughtful?


There was a depressing time in my life where I attempted the big jump 3 times.

It was a while ago but the reasons may interest you.


I found god to be a short-sighted bully father figure who couldn't understand someone else's perspective.

I knew I would find no joy in an eternity of life while I couldn't even find joy in a finite existence.

I felt that a temporary lapse in hell and then peaceful oblivion thereafter would be less of a torture than an eternity of happy people everywhere.


Christians claim we are given free will to choose, a single step back will show you we have no such choice.

We are given one choice, the 'christian' way or torturous death [no choice]

This is like asking a crack addicted rat which door he'll open given the promise of a fix in door 1, and punishment in door 2.



Whatever god there is, it's time we realize he thinks very little of us.



You see without the idea of 'purgatory' which is equally recently invented bullshit, any prescribed afterlife at all becomes torture.

The duality of eternal bliss and eternal punishment is such a turnoff to anyone with any imagination.

It makes us lab mice, and one can only stand so many endorphans.

The thought of being a finite piece of someone else's imagination is like finding out your whole life is interesting as a clockwork rock,

even if the creator of the rock 'loves you very very much.' and that everyone down below is suffering because their clockwork makes them such. One would argue that 'It's because they've turned away from the grace, because Lucifer turned away in the beginning, this can only imply that god made an imperfect being, with the choice of sin.


Give a slave with any curiosity at all the dual options of eternal bliss and understanding v.s. 'the mystery choice' and the law of gambler's ruin says he's bound to open the box eventually. You see the act of becoming jealous required first a jealous thought. which is sin. It takes sin to make sin. Where did this sin come from? Lucifer certainly didn't create it. If so, god gave lucifer godlike abilities and made another lesser god for himself to fight in which case our existence is even MORE shit, and god is a bigger dictator than we imagined in the first place. Lucifer was made to fail, if not, how did one fail? I repeat, if one is made with the option of failure, it takes failure to choose the choice of failure.


If, however, Lucifer was made truly perfect, and he still became proud that says something very imperfect and finite about his creator.


'And then god disappeared in a puff of logic' -D. Adams.



If there is a just god, every human would be in eternal bliss since the moment of birth.

We would be clockwork toys enjoying our limited existence forever.


If there is an unjust god then who is god's god?


summary: if we're seeking a theory of everything heaven is automatically OUT.

Heaven is not the balanced end of the equation, and the very idea shows so much about the animals that invented it.

The main fears of mortal animals are 1. the unknown

2. death

3. pain, which usually follows the experiencing of the unknown.


animal reward factors are eternal pleasure, and survival.


one might even say that heaven is not only FIT for humans but it was designed for and around humans, all you need to do is take the leap to the conclusion that it was designed BY humans.



maybe I've offered you something new.

probably not.


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