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Goodbye Jesus

Dear God...


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I thought I'd share this with group. I found it while "Stumbling"...


It's by Adrian Barnett


Dear God

I don't believe in you,

You might be surprised to know.

Does that shock you?

Probably not.


I am asked




to accept you, love you and devote my life

to you.


But this is a thing

that I cannot do.


You see...


You just don't make sense.


Belief in you inspires men and women

to create great works of art

to compose wonderful, uplifting music

perform acts of selfless charity and goodness

to travel to the darkest corners of the world spreading their good news.

Belief in you also causes great pain

the destruction of entire nations

the killing of innocents

the suppression of thought and word.

Religion becomes a prison,

both for believers and unbelievers.


Religion explains everything,

and in doing so

it explains less than nothing.


I am asked, told, ordered, commanded

to accept that

you know everything, but not some things

you love us all, but send us to hell

you are all-powerful, but cannot help us

you hear our prayers, but will not act on them.

you watch us suffer, but do nothing.


Innocents die, for a mysterious greater good.


Everything we are told about you

Fits the description of something that

does not


should not exist.

Your attributes cancel each other

out of existence.


People shout

Thou Shalt Not Kill

as they slaughter and burn in your name.


People scream

Thou Shalt Not Steal

as they plunder and pillage,

until your temples creak under the weight of gold.


People cry

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

as they deceive to convert, and silence the voice of science.


They say

God Is Love

and tell us that our love is wrong

and list those that God hates.


Preaching tolerance

they tolerate only those who conform.


Christians tell us that You died on the cross

to wash away our sins,

and the seas filled with blood

as your followers gouged and slashed their way to heaven.


If Christ was a man, and no more, this makes

a strange sort of



But if he was a god, it makes a mockery of reason.


If I could believe in a God,

I would be ashamed to be associated with any earthly religion.


Faith asks me to accept

the nonsensical

the incoherent

the twisted logic

the hatred of difference

the demonstrably false

the inhuman

the unacceptable.


My mind tries to make it all




The jigsaw pieces are all the wrong shapes.

The whole is less than the sum of its parts.

The rationalisations are too weak to form foundations.


My destiny is mine to control.

I can feel the Earth moving.

My genes are older than stars.

The world does make sense.

Every moment of life is full of joy and wonder.

And because of this I know that there is no god.


My mind is free.

My soul is my own.

I am an atheist.

I am human.


Not my work, but I wish it was....

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