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Goodbye Jesus

An Old Prayer...a New Prayer


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This is a prayer that I wrote many years ago and prayed daily at the beginning of each prayer time.


Addressed daily to Jesus:


I seek...

Your will, Lord,

Your humility,

Your love for others,

Your exposure of my sin,

Your humility and your will, I can't pray these enough,

Humility in all things,

Everything I am capable of is only through you, Lord,

Patience, Lord, while I seek your will,

Your refining fire, Lord,

Patience, Lord,

Your will,


Your walk, Lord,

Humility in my love for others,

Humility in my compassion and love for women,



Humility in my anticipation of what you have in store for me, Lord,

Humility in the work you give me,

To give glory to you in all I do!!

Humility in prayer, and my abilities,

The ability to pray instead of tear down.


Lord, help me to continue to pray, to seek awareness of your presence in humility and by your power, even, and especially when I feel well and happy, for all my well being and feelings regarding well being are a result of you.




Much of that is honorable, except for the whole I-can't-do-it-without-you-God part.


So my new prayer would be, as Legion Regalis put it here: What Comforts You In Times Of Trouble?, "a cry to all that is".


My Prayer - A cry to all that is


I seek...

To be humble,

To love others,

To harm none,

To make well thought out decisions,

To be accountable for my words and actions,

To better myself,

To be patient,

To be focused,

To seek truth in all I do,

To walk a path true to myself.

So let it be.

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