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Goodbye Jesus

An Easter Without Church Or Religion


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Yes, some of you know I'm no longer forced to go to church and I haven't been since November 2007 and don't plan on going back. But I knew Easter service would be the deciding factor, would there be any pressure on me to go to church for this holiday. And no, there wasn't. No pressure from my Dad to try and get me to go. It feels good to not have this on me anymore, now I know since I've surpassed the biggest church holiday it's smooth sailing from here. I still enjoyed the holiday and got things from my family. It's just a lot better being out as an atheist without having to go to church every Sunday, that was an awkward period in my life where you kind of feel like a hypocrite going to church every Sunday but being forced and not believing at all. Did any of you have this first Easter as the one you weren't at a church or had religion in your life?

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