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Goodbye Jesus

Weary, Depressed, Uber-stressed


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Powerful post. How old are your kids?



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I I feel like fuck it, I damn near am ready to use racial epithets and any other curse words I can muster to describe these lying sons of bitches. I have come to hate these people with a blue flame passion.


Especially given your currently level, it's hard for you to take the high road and not stoop to their level. But believe me, doing these things is just playing into their hands. And I know you're probably just saying these things to vent, so I'm mostly reminding you that what's most important and will win out in the end, is you behaving in a purely magnanimous manner than these people can even fathom. In the face of lies, the truth will win out in the end if you can keep yourself from succumbing to their pressure. Other than these general thoughts, I can't say anymore unless I knew more specifics.



It ends up being either the fucking churches or the state itself that nowadays has become an absolute lying oppressor all revolving around political correctness and expediency and not truth, and to put it bluntly in my particular case, it is slowly but surely killing me while giving heed to others bad behaviour and comfort to them when what they need to correct the problem(s) is criticism for their behaviour.

The only way to stop it is to stand up against it and proclaim what is truth and right. Otherwise they'll just continue to have their way without any impediment. Frankly, you may not win right away. But by taking a stand you'll win much greater things than a paper battle. And with enough perseverance, the courts may yet recognize you are in the right. (This of course is given that you are speaking the truth about everything.) :)


I just cannot take it anymore, and it is a wonder I have not either had a heart attack already or become an alcoholic or drug addict in an attempt to stem the crushing stress from what I have had to continuously for nearly 10 years, had to endure whilst having to deal with these suckers. Bottom line is that in my ex christian life, I cannot seem to escape the harm these people do.


Can you move somewhere else? If that's not an option, then you'll take it because not taking it means much worse things than taking it.

Everyone who is non-christian has to deal with this B.S. on one level or another. My take is that you are dealing with much more of it because deep down you can handle it. And by showing them what true righteousness is, you'll do much more good than being the pawn and succumbing to cheap vindictive or rash behavior.

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All I can do is wish you the best.


- Chris

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:crucified: fuck it, I'm pissin in the wind. Just can't get my mind wrapped around what warped sort of mentality it takes to come to the conclusions these courts do.
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