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Goodbye Jesus

Steve Earle


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Watched Leno just to see Stevie, liked some of his earlier stuff. To my amazement and distress, he was bald, playing a dobro like a guitar, had a beat box and a "dj" scratching in the background, and sang some sugary puff song about walking with jebus. I was almost unable to finish my six.

There have been semi-religious bullshit songs make the pop charts before, "Put your hand in the hand" frm the 70's comes to mind and of course Lifehouse (yech) comes to mind, but Steve Earle? I personally don't consider a record player a musical instrument, and wailin' about his lard and slaver has quenched any desire for his CD.

Just my two cents. And that's about what it was worth. :god: l

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Steve Earl is a southern redneck.

Born and raised in the bible belt, He has no other real cultural reference to fall back on. His musical carreer did not realy educate him.


As he grows older and inevitable death grows nearer, his fear will leach through into his music. He is trying to bribe his god into not throwing him into "hell".

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I really think it's more than that, D. There's been some decent musicians, poets, sages, and wits from 'round these parts. Hell, I'm a perfect example! :58: He reeked of commercialism, trying way to hard to be hip, ending up a parody.

Take Willie Nelson for example. He's had the same act for 40+ years, but it doesn't get old, at least to me, and I'm not a country fan. He's a talented singer and songwriter and doesn't need gimmicks. He just walks out and sings. I can even listen to him sing a gospel song without puking.

I think that's why I hate most music from the last decade. All that dancing around and dry humping onstage has nothing to do with music.

Just my opinion, you're actual mileage may vary. :lol:

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