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What Part Of "shall Not Be Infringed"


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What part of "Shall NOT be Infringed" do you NOT understand?

The Libertarian Enterprise

by Dennis Wilson


"This week, Gun owners had their day in court, when the U.S. Supreme

Court heard oral arguments in the DC v. Heller case, which involves a

challenge to the DC gun ban. According to a Gun Owners of America

email bulletin, at some point, Justice John Paul Stevens asked Alan

Gura, the attorney for Dick Heller, if it would be proper to say that

the right protected in the Second Amendment shall not be 'unreasonably

infringed?' To our shock and horror, Gura answered 'yes.' He did

qualify his answer somewhat by saying 'we don't know' exactly what

this 'unreasonable standard looks like.' But he conceded a significant

amount of ground with his answer, because any ban would be

'reasonable' to Chuck Schumer and Sarah Brady." (03/24/08)



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