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Blue Collar, Bare Cupboards


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Rant or OpEd? Good read..





Blue collar, bare cupboards

In These Times

by Sasha Abramsky


"Ten miles outside Eugene in west central Oregon, little wooden houses

and mobile homes make up the town of Alvadore. The homes are too far

apart to give the town -- population 1,358 -- the appearance of a

city, yet too close together for it to come off as true countryside.

Old, domestically manufactured cars line the streets, as well as a few

rundown mom-and-pop convenience stores. Small farmers, mill workers

and construction people live here. And they work hard -- or at least

they do when they can get employment. There's a dry nuts and prunes

plant just outside town, as well as a Country Coach facility that

manufactures motor homes. Many of the residents hold down several jobs

to make ends meet. Yet for an increasing number of people in Alvadore,

getting a paycheck -- or even several paychecks -- is not the same as

earning enough to put food on the table." (03/26/08)



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Naomi Klein discussed this in her book "No Logo".

Have you read it?

I recomend it.

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Just three years ago I was helping to support three families on my disability check. Now, the cost of living is so high I cannot help anyone outside my own family, financially. we still get bags of groceries from the store for people but they are on their own as far as rent and utilities go.

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Sounds about right, unfortunately.


Being poor in the U.S. has always been expensive. Since the neocons took power, however, it's become damn near impossible.

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