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Goodbye Jesus

Between God And A Boy

Guest Eylisha

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Guest Eylisha

God I was going to

ask for a bike

as I'm getting much bigger

too big for my trike

but just as I knelt

to pray by my bed

I heard Timmy next door scream

so I'll ask you instead

Can you take Timmy's daddy

far far away

cos he's angry at Timmy

every day

and Timmy's always cut

bruised burnt or broken

yet I know he's a good boy

so nice when we've spoken

Please God I don't want

him screaming again

so make Timmy's dad go

I pray this amen

Dear God it's just me

I don't understand

why I have a new bike

in the back of dad's van

I said to forget it

but now Timmy is dead

they say that his brain

bled into his head

why didn't you listen

when I asked you last night

I don't want the bike

I want Timmy allright

so take the bike away

and Timmy's dad too

and bring Timmy back

like I know you can do

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*gulp*..... *misty eyes*





Most excellent poem Eylisha..... and one that is a reality far too often... :(

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