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Goodbye Jesus

Questions For Christians


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Alright, so I got a bunch of questions.


1. Why do you cherry pick your beliefs, when the Bible says, that all of it should be believed and obeyed.


2. Why do you ignore the Tanakh (The "Old Testament") when Jesus clearly said in Matthew 17-20, that he came to confirm, that the law must be followed and enforced in the same manner.


3. Christian women: why do you ignore the sexism in the Bible. For example, women should keep quiet in churches and that woman is taken out of man, therefor she's inferior. (it's all right there in the bible)


4. How can you claim to "love" such an insecure, psychopathic, homicidal, genocidal, infanticidal and torturous God.


5. Why do a lot of you continue to quote Bible verses out of context to make it seem like God is all-loving.


6. Why do a lot of you ignore all the contradictions of the Bible and claim, that it's totally infallible.


7. Why do some of you consider the Bible scientifically accurate, when it's just the opposite - ignorantly absurd.


8. Why does evil exist if there's an omnipotent being, that CREATED EVERYTHING, and is portrayed as 'good' and 'Holy'.


9. Why do some of you claim, that America is founded on Christianity, when history clearly says, that it was founded on a secular government.


10. Why do some of you call atheists 'devil worshipers', when we clearly don't believe, that the devil even exists.


11. Why do a lot of you indoctrinate your children in to this belief instead of introducing it when they have the ability to choose.


12. Don't you see similarities between God and Stalin. (You disagree with Stalin, he shoots you. You disagree with God, He smites you.)


13. Why do a lot of you still believe in the 6 day creation, 6000 years ago, when it's repeatedly refuted by modern science.


14. Why do most the Evangelical Christians push their beliefs on people.


15. Why do a lot of you think, that homosexuality is a choice and kick homosexuals out of churches.



That's basically it. I am an ex-Christian, but I still can't answer those questions.

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Very good list of questions! You'll never get a straight answer to any of the outstanding questions here, even if you were to ask heads of churches. The most you'll get is the Christian Tap dance or they will just call you an agent of evil and use that to dismiss having to answer diddly.

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Yes yes yes! Excellent succinct questions, I likey!


However, I second Japedo on not getting any straight answers... I've noticed that the christian posters often prefer to postulate questions (like the wonderfully inane "Who created the world then??") rather than answer them.

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Yup, in their twisted (whatever passes with them as) minds, as soon as there is even one single question - no matter how moronic or irrelevant - the "opposition" can't answer, they are right. :crazy:


Note the double standard in here...


IF topic = myJebusCult THEN

IF NOT totallyIrrefutablyProvenWrong THEN TRUE


IF NOT totallyPerfectlyProvenTrue THEN FALSE




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I will go along with everyone else so far that you won't get any straight answers because basically, we are told that when we are christians we should turn our heads to things listed above, because they are just part of god's GREATER PLAN! Blech!

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That's a good list of questions.


My former pastor had the answer for each one. He always said, "Doubt your doubts."


I hope that clears up any uncertainty you had.

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Good post, Odin. Xtians, we await your answers with bated breath. </sarcasm>


Chris, I used your saying, to much acclaim. I did give credit. :D

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Guest Justathought

Hi Odin,

I'm willing to try to answer some of your questions, but because of my time constraints and the complexity of your questions (they are very good questions) I'm afraid I will have to answer them one at a time. Is there a specific question that you'd like me to start with? I'll warn you that I'm no theologian, so I hope my answers aren't too simplistic.

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I don't know, Justathought, but your response does not come across to me as sincere. If you really had a thought in your head about one of those questions, I think you would have stated it. You did, after all, have time to write an entire paragraph showing off your vocabulary. Instead of coming up with big words you could have used your mental energy to think up one or two answers.


Why waste it telling us in fancy language that you have no time to write?

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