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Wrong Priorities For "byrne Blitz"


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Wonder where Officers Glazed and Jelly Filled are when you have a *real* emergency?







Wrong priorities for "Byrne Blitz"

Fox News

by Radley Balko


"Last month, police in Kentucky went on a 24-hour drug raid blitz.

According to local media accounts, the raids uncovered 23

methamphetamine labs, seized more than 2,400 pounds of marijuana,

identified 16 drug-endangered children and arrested 565 people for

illegal drug use. That's quite a day's work. What inspired the blitz?

Complaints from the citizenry? A vicious string of drug-related

murders? An outbreak of overdoses? No, none of that. It seems that

they were concerned that the federal government is about to turn off

the funding spigot. 'During 'Operation Byrne Blitz," a local

television station reported, 'state police and highway patrol

agencies, local police and sheriff's departments, and drug task forces

throughout the country conducted undercover investigations, marijuana

eradication efforts and drug interdiction activities. The

collaborative effort, named for the federal grant program which funds

many of the anti-drug efforts, underscored the impact that cuts to

this funding could have on local and statewide drug enforcement.' The

federal grant they're referring to, the Byrne Grant is problematic for

a lot of reasons. Chief among them is the way it warps police

priorities by tying drug arrests to the federal teat." (04/07/08)



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