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Goodbye Jesus

Dying For Compassion


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Dying for compassion

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

by Alison Myrden


“Hi, it’s been a rough last while reading stories in the last few weeks like the one I’m going to write about. The story that I’m going to tell you here is the story of Jayci Yaeger and it’s a story of both triumph and sadness. Hopefully, people will take much from this blog, including the fact that people who are caught up in the world of illegal drugs do not belong in the legal system. How many times do we have to say, ‘there is no room for drugs in a legal realm!’ Where in the Lord’s name — is Compassion??” (04/10/08)



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Just yesterday I sent off a support letter to the judge in charge of the case of a colleague of mine who's currently in federal detention for drug trafficking.


This person is so brilliant, creative, and has such sterling ethics that it's an unimaginable situation. Only a coalescing of extraordinary personal needs/pressures and a society whose rules about conforming are Talibanesque could have brought this about.


And Bush takes the moral high ground on every "transgression" he, himself, has committed. Well, not all of us get to have our records expunged or scrubbed, do we? That piece of stinking shit!

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