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Goodbye Jesus

...well Just Look At China...

Alan Bragg

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An argument I have had, and will probably have again with christians is their claim that you need never look beyond china for an example of why atheism will never work in society. Apparently its not because china aggressively forced communism down on the population, but because they took away their imaginery friends. Therefore, because china is an atheist state and not good, all atheist states will be bad. To have a stable society, according to christians, we don't need a policeforce, we need a strong belief in a deity, and society would not function without this belief. When oh when will christians understand just why I get so worried that the only thing apparently stopping them from raping, killing and looting is their belief in an invisible all seeing entity?

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I think some simple statistics will blow that out of the water. China is not the only nation that is primarily atheist.


Here's some numbers from Aherents.com:


Sweden 8,986,000 46 - 85% 4,133,560 - 7,638,100

Vietnam 82,690,000 81% 66,978,900

Denmark 5,413,000 43 - 80% 2,327,590 - 4,330,400

Norway 4,575,000 31 - 72% 1,418,250 - 3,294,000

Japan 127,333,000 64 - 65% 81,493,120 - 82,766,450

Percentages in bold are atheists/agnostics in the country.


Hmmm... seems like some of the most prosperous, peaceful nations on the planet are primarily atheists...

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Good point Madame. I would also say that the "Cultural Revolution" itself bore many of the markings of religion fanatiscm. It seems they replaced one religious system and replaced it with a cult of personality (Mao).

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