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Free Evolution And Science Dvds.

Guest Havermayer

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Guest Havermayer

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is really loaded, and can afford to give away free of charge dvds of their annual science lectures to anyone who wishes to fill out an order. There’s not even a shipping charge, even to international orders. These are great for high schools and libraries, so I suggest that you guys order x3 of each and donate the extras.


In terms of quality, the production values are fantastic. The content may be a little introductory too (hense why they’d be great for high schools). Below are some of the dvds that they offer:


Evolution: Fossils, Genes and Mousetraps (a lecture by Ken Miller)

Evolution: Constant Changes and Common Threads (four lectures on them mechanisms of evolution, and a discussion on whether evolution and religion are compatible).

The Double Life of RNA

The Science of Fat

AIDS: The Evolution of a Pandemic

Potent Biology: Stem Cells, Cloning and Regeneration

Scanning Life’s Matrix - Genes, Proteins and Small Molecules


Here’s the link to their catalogue.


You guys should try to spread this link around as much as possible.


For international orders:


Orders from Countries Outside North America




If you are outside North America, videotapes, CD-ROMs, and DVDs can be ordered only by written request. Your letter should include the item(s) you would like to order and your name, title, occupation, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and fax number. If your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


Please e-mail your letter to: webmaster@hhmi.org

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Link to the Catalogue:



I can't see how to edit <_<

You haven't earned the right to edit :P Seriously though, I think there is a minimum number of posts or something before you can edit.

Back on topic, thanks for the link!

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