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Goodbye Jesus

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Sometimes I feel out of the loop here as despite being an exchristian I still believe in 'God'.


I had my supernatural awakening before encountering christianity. For me christianity is just another cult like any of the thousands that have mushroomed over the centuries. The cult is founded by Saul /Paul out of his own religious imagination - Saul/Paul is fractally identical to just about every subsequent cult founder and leader.


A few markers:


They are dubious re their antecedents and educational qualifications and credentials.

They change their names.

They disregard and curse those who disagree with them.

They treat scripture cavarlierly - twisting it hither and thither to prove their 'special status'.

They write their own additional scriptures since God has been neglectful to give the full story.

They claim special private revelation from God.

They introduce special rites and rituals.

They give themselves titles like, prophet, apostle, bishop and so on.

They claim spiritual fatherhood over their followers.

They teach followers that their lives prior to joining their flock were a waste of time.

They often claim that themselves and their followers will be removed from Earth and taken into heaven by divine action.

Their followers treat their teachings as divinely inspired - and those who cannot 'see' the 'truth' their leader preaches are damned at worst or dumb/blind at best.


This is not a comprehensive list but is pretty generic.


The Greek testament reveals Saul/Paul to be the numero uno cult starter. Christianity may be mainstream but it is just another destructive cult.


Now, as one who has gone through the mill in churches and been vilified and declared satanic over decades I empathise with those who just want to wash their hands of the whole sorry business (and it is some business) however I'll just keep on trucking and trying to be an all round nice guy.

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