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Senate Underscores Need For Rtba And Osta


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Senate underscores need for RTBA and OSTA

Downsize DC

by James Leroy Wilson


"The final vote was taken after several dozens of amendments were

considered over the previous week. After it was passed on April 10, it

took the Government Printing Office seven days to put the new H.R.

3221 on-line. At the time of this writing, the Library of Congress

still hasn't posted a summary of the new version. Is it acceptable

that the people don't know the contents of a bill until a week or more

after it has passed? Shouldn't we instead get a chance to read bills a

week before they're voted on, to give Congress our feedback? We don't

believe a bill on an issue so vital to the American people as the

foreclosure crisis should be rushed through without the public having

a chance to review it. That's one reason DownsizeDC.org has proposed

the Read the Bills Act." (04/18/08)



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