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Goodbye Jesus

The noble position of atheism


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A short rant by Bob Patterson


For reasons not easily understood, humans seem to have a basic need to want to believe that an invisible, omnipotent and omniscient deity -- one that is entirely responsible for everything and that demands our unquestioning devotion, obedience and respect for everything good that happens -- is watching over us.


This same deity, however, vehemently denies any responsibility whatsoever for those things which are bad, undesirable, or painful.


It's the ultimate and most divine "cop out" that humanity has ever documented!


To sum it up simply: God gets all the credit for that which is good, but takes none of the responsibility for that which is bad.


This is all somehow justified by the doctrine of "original sin" -- an unpaid debt that was caused when Eve ate a forbidden cumquat from the "tree of knowledge" and was suddenly made smarter. This episode pissed off the big guy in the sky, who obviously wished women to remain ignorant. (Makes you think of the Catholic church, doesn't it?) This forbidden act stuck all future humanity with a debt we can't possibly repay.






God expects you to follow the particular cult you believe to be the "correct" one to the exclusion of all the other "wrong" cults.


I know making this determination is most difficult, since the "big guy in the sky" is so elusive, but that's the challenge, isn't it?


Send 10% of your income to some long haired TV "preechur" so he can buy another mansion or give to the Catholic church to pay for the pedophilic priests who "diddle" little boys.


Can there possibly be a more noble or honest position than atheism?


I eagerly await the hateful responses from the so called "loving believers" who would gladly condemn me to an eternity of burning in hell for such blasphemy.



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I do not know about noble, but it is the most practical viewpoint in the world.

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