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Goodbye Jesus

A Society That Erects Pedestals, And Digs Dungeons


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A society that erects pedestals, and digs dungeons

Unknown News

by Herb Ruhs


"All our professions and institutions are now led and controlled by

people whose only claim to superiority is their political cleverness

and ruthlessness. This is what comes from idolizing wealth and fame,

and being influenced by the lies that ambitious people use to entice

and confuse us. The way out of the corner is start forming small,

local groups where the true character and capacity of the membership

can be accurately assessed." (04/18/08)



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Interesting, but show me a civilization in human history that does not follow this pattern.

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Good read, K. Thanks for the link.

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Great read. I actually had to look up the word "hagiography".



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