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Forget Carbon: You Should Be Checking Your Water Footprint


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Forget carbon: You should be checking your water footprint


by Amol Rajan


"The concept of water footprints -- or 'virtual water' -- will tell

consumers the amount of precious H2O that has been used in the

manufacture of products they buy. As with carbon footprints, a

'virtual water' figure will indicate the extent to which a particular

product has cost the earth. And, as with carbon footprints, the

message is clear: less is better. A new website run by the University

of Twente in the Netherlands, waterfootprint.org, gives ethically

minded consumers a chance to work out the hidden implications of their

shopping habits. Common commodities including groceries, clothes,

stationery and electrical goods are evaluated according to a water

footprint calculator. In each case, the water footprint covers both

the manufacture and transport of the goods. The results are

striking." (04/23/08)



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Oh, thank you Kev, thank you so muckin' fuch for that post...


As if we didn't have to worry about taxes over the "carbon footprints" we're emanating, now we have to consider being taxed for our "water footprints" (and trading them on a market place, no doubt, to mediate our financial liability over these matters of everyday life to an all-pervasive, shadowy government entity contrived to look out for us all, and preserve our Quality of Life). (BARFFFFF)

Wherever Orwell is, he must be ROFLHFAO...

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Guest Net Eng

First I had to find a place to stuff my excess carbon. Now I gotta find a place to hord water so I can save on my taxes. :banghead:


Maybe I'll build a cistern with my stimulus check...

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Why don't we use these calculations to evaluate businesses to make the production of 'stuff' more efficient? Water is the most valuable resource on this planet, but I would not trust the EPA with this.

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