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Original Sin


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I know the bible verses about original sin. The ones that say all mankind is stained and sinful because of Adam. I also know the bible verses about no sin being able to enter into the presence of God. And the ones about having to be washed in the blood of the lamb (Jesus) so that God will not remember your sin.


But where are the bible verses about children not being condemned to hell if they die without having received Jesus as their lord and savior? You know, the verses about kids reaching the "age of accountability"?


There aren't any passages in the bible that say that. This is a modern fabrication that christians had to come up with so that the gospel would make sense to them. Because a god that would condemn a three-year-old to hell would be........ well...



Actually, it's very consistent with God's track record. He wiped out a whole world full of little two and three year olds during the flood. (not to mention the little kittens) And, he had Joshua slaughter entire cities full of little kids so that Israel could "possess the land". And, he had the tribe of Israelites stone a man's family (including his little kids) because he pocketed some booty during the annihilation of the city of Ai. And there are many, many more instances.


Because Jesus said "suffer the little children to come to me", that erases all of this carnage by God of children in the Old Testament?


The bible shows that God doesn't see kids as anything special. They're slimy little sinners who deserve hell just like the rest of us.


Unless, of course, you don't believe this god is real and that the stories in the bible are just stories..

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Feh. Most of the Bible is macabre and horrific. Sending babies and toddlers to Hell fits into it perfectly - just like saying, "You can't come play in my garden unless you come drenched in the blood of my son."


Wonderful God, innit?

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It's a feel-good defense mechanism Xtians use. They don't want to see thier god as the brutal monster he really is so try to pretty him up and make him seem more "loving".

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