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Goodbye Jesus



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Let's look at some of religion's greatest "contributions" to humanity:


After New Testament:

The crusades

The witch trials (both in Europe and America),

The persecution of "heretics" (Galileo for example. He was persecuted for even suggesting, that the Earth orbits the Sun)

Male and female circumcision

Holy war

Destruction of valuable art and architecture by priests, who believed, they were destroying the works of Satan. (The Mayan and Aztec cultures are a good example)


Opposing science

Oppressing whole groups of people

Murdering groups of people for their different beliefs


Mass genocide

Persecution of homosexuals

Exploiting rights

Exploiting people's deepest hopes and fears

Mass indoctrination of the youth


Sexual abuse of women and children

Converting or destroying smaller "heathen" cultures



Before New Testament:




Sexual abuse

(And most of the things pointed in the list above)



Why is it, that atheists are looked down upon?! Why are we fighting an uphill battle for acceptance?! We are the solution, not the problem.


We are evil in the eyes of the evil, murderous in the eyes of the murderers, unjust in the eyes of the unjust. We are liars in the eyes of the lying. Religion has done nothing to contribute to humanity, and I'm still waiting for someone to disprove that.


We atheists have all the virtues of theists and their vices, too. We can enjoy life, dream, think as much as theists can. We also commit crimes. The fact of the matter is, that we can't justify our bad deeds by blaming it on a god or devil.


We lack their false justifications.


If an atheist murders someone, he knows, that the murder will rest on his conscience, and that he will suffer the consequences of his actions. If an atheist does wrong to a person, he knows, that he needs to seek that person's forgiveness. Not God's.



The good things done in the name of religion could've easily been done for the sake of shier goodness. Even if someone were to give me an example of religion actually doing something good, it would never be able to countervail the utter injustice, that religion has been pouring over humanity for thousands of years!


At times I can't believe the utter hypocrisy, I'm hearing from religious people.



Conclusion: Religion is the #1 source of all evil in the entire world. It is a disgusting way of keeping the masses in line, by destroying people's lives.



There is no such thing as the "religion of peace", and there never will be.

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Simply put, if you believe in something that I am against, you are against me. That is it, end of story.


When you lack the faith and you start to question, you start exposing it for the bullshit that it is.


And when you start throwing their shit back them, you expose them for the monkeys they really are.


Just a bunch of finger-sniffing, mentally inbred primates that should be visited by an angel of mercy.


Need more be said.


By the way, no actual primates were harmed in the penning of this rant.

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