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Goodbye Jesus



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Doubt is starting to annoy me.


Not that I'm doubting, just the word in general.


I'm sick of hearing about 'Doubting Thomas', and his fucktard hippie friends who 'totally saw a zombie, dude!'.


They don't like the word Atheist, because it sounds evil to them, so they think it's okay just to use Doubter as a nice replacement. Fuck you Christian, and the god you road in on.


As if what I don't believe is the real issue. They're more concerned that my lack of confidence in God might achieve something useful. They tell me I'm not really happy. I'm not, because I'm talking to them.


It's become an annoying label. What I don't believe in isn't really important. Why the hell do they care if I'm saved anyway? They're going to be just fine without me, or so they seem to think.


They think they live in a country of Freedom of Religion because they're allowed to believe, and convert as many other people as possible, because the bible says so, by any means necessary.


In their minds, I'm not supposed to believe what I believe.


They can wear shirts with an impaled man, dying a slow torturous death. Hang him around their neck as jewelry, earrings, rings, tie pins, buttons, hats, bags, and anything else they can find room to draw it on. I couldn't wear a shirt that says 'Atheist' on it to public school when I was younger, because it sends an unprofessional and immoral message. The excuse boiled down to 'not causing trouble'.


Never mind trying to wear something with demonic gory imagery, or god forbid, a dirty word that talks about naughty bits!


The only reason their children are traumatized, is the fact their parents turn them into prudish moral pussies.


I'm a doubter now, because using the word heathen is impolite. I've already got a word, and I don't care if they don't like the way it sounds.


I've taken to correcting them now. It's been fun so far.


If they are going to call me a doubter, I'm going to start calling them 'Confused Jews'.


Who cares what I doubt to be true? The very nature of the word implies that I'm open to being corrected if enough evidence is presented.


Go find some of that, and leave me the hell alone until you do.


Oh, and stop quoting the bible at me. I went to Catholic school, and I know what happens.


I also took a science class, read a bunch of history, and learned to tell the difference between conditioned behavior, and rational thought. What about what I do believe? I don't like torture and war either. Don't we have other important issues that you're not willing to talk about because you have no idea what the hell is going on because you just trust Jesus will save everything and we'll all be fine you've just got to believe!


And how the fuck do you say that with one breath? It's almost like each one has a believe and pray speech that just fits their own lung capacity rehearsed and planned out for regular use.


It's a nice story, but it's imaginary. I can point out where it's wrong, show you the verse, and explain why it's just not true.


I don't even have to try and debunk miracles to do it. I can point out continuity errors. Like, how does Friday, to Sunday morning equal three days and nights? Or, what about all the forts the Egyptians had on the other side of the river? Or, why think about the Philistines? They didn't exist for about five hundred more years.

Or, Look! The chosen people are raping, slaughtering, and pillaging the Canaanites! Just like pirates, but pirates that never go away, and just take all your stuff. Isn't that also called Genocide?


They never come back with anything new though. They just pray for me, and make sure to let me know it. Somehow I'll find my way back, they'll be waiting. They'll be sure to have a look at the reborn drone, ready to collect more pollen for the almighty queen, and sting anyone who gets in my way doing it.


Yeah. Really comforting.


Fuck you. I like my word, don't screw with it.

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Wow. I have seen a lot of ranting in my day, but I must say that was just... acceptional :) And I'm serious, a lot of what you said I've thought myself... most actually.


So I'm not going to try to further your rant with my own, I'll just say kudos on a damned fine tirade! :)

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Nicely said!

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Indeed, I can agree with that :-D

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Wow. Almost up there with my ranting skills. I'm impressed. And it's all true btw. The bs that is accepted because it's xtian is sickening.

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This made me laugh b/c one of the poster designations for newer members here is "doubter"

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Nicely put! I especially like the "confused Jews" part.


This made me laugh b/c one of the poster designations for newer members here is "doubter"


It is!

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