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Goodbye Jesus

-- Humanist Network News #30


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In this month's Humanist Network News audio podcastwe speak to Greg Graffin, Ph.D., lead singer of the punk rock band BadReligion and professor of life sciences at UCLA. This weekend atHarvard, Graffin received the lifetime achievement award in culturalhumanism, given by the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University.

Segment 1: AHA Adopts HNN podcast

Announcement: Starting this episode, the Humanist Network Newsaudio podcast is now the official podcast of the American HumanistAssociation. The program will now be promoted to the more than 10,000members of the AHA.

End: 3:09

Segment 2: Punk Rock, Biology, and Humanism

Song: "New Dark Ages" by Bad Religion. Album: Maps of Hell. Epitaph Records.

Interview: Harvard Sophomore Dan Robinson, president of theHarvard Secular Society, speaks with Greg Graffin, lead singer of BadReligion. The punk rock philosopher explains the origins of the nameBad Religion and his role as a biology professor. As musician andbiology professor, Graffin says he aims to entertain. Graffin alsotalks about his humanistic worldview, which he describes as naturalism.

Song: "Atheist Peace," by Bad Religion. Album: Empire Strikes First, Epitaph Records.

End: 34:48

Segment 2: Paradise is Now?

Listener Caller: A listener caller asks HNN co-hosts Jes and Duncan what their thoughts are on the concept of Paradise Now.

End: 39:11

Segment 3: I Ain't Afraid

Interview: Jes and Duncan reach into the HNN podcast vault tobring back an October 2006 interview with folk singer Holly Near, whowrote and performed the HNN podcast theme song, "I Ain't Afraid." Nearis a human rights activist whose music carries a humanist message.

End: 49:55


Bad Religion Official Site | Epitaph Records | American Humanist Association | Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard | Harvard Secular Society | HollyNear.com

Call the toll-free HNN listener Comment line: (877) 659-1515.



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