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Scam Artists Are Prepared To Fleece Green Industries


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Scam artists are prepared to fleece green industries


by Stan Cox


"Earlier this year, entrepreneur Eric Janszen declared in Harper's

magazine that the next bubble -- alternative energy -- had already

been 'branded.' His projection: the eventual creation of $20 trillion

in fictitious, speculative wealth, 'money that inevitably will be

employed to increase share prices rather than to deliver 'energy

security." and that 'when the bubble finally bursts, we will be left

to mop up after yet another devastated industry.' After that next big

bust, not only alternative energy but a host of other 'green'

industries will be left in ruin. As long as an investing class is

allowed to make all major environmental decisions, no new sources of

energy will actually replace even one barrel or ton of fossil fuel;

rather, they will go to further parasitizing the planet in the cause

of growth." (04/28/08)



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Goodbye Jesus
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