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Goodbye Jesus

Weird Christian Apologetic Arguments That Make Me Giggle

Insanity personified

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first of all this website is great for LOLs






and second, yesterday I was debating a christian, and the conversation turned to the argument that if everything needs a cause (we were talking about intelligent design) then what is god's cause?


the christian said something I had never heard before, she said that the first cause argument only applies to things that have a cause....she said that since god by definition has no cause then it doesn't apply to him (paraphrasing the conversation)



I will be reading more christian apologetics for sure.....are all their arguments as mind numbing as that? I told her that she didn't really answer my question, but rather pushed it back into a closet to protect god from scrutiny......but what would be the rational answer to such a statement *is learning the art of debate*



what weird christian arguments make you laugh? share them and explain why they don't work

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