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RFID foes find righteous ally


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RFID foes find righteous ally



"Privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht, an opponent of the use of radio

tags on consumer goods and in ID documents, is a woman any X-Files fan

could love. She's youthful-looking and attractive, with fair skin and

cherry-blonde hair. A former schoolteacher, Albrecht also has a

master's degree from Harvard, where she is completing a doctoral

degree. ... But one aspect of Albrecht's anti-RFID crusade has been

attracting a lot of attention from other privacy groups: her religious

beliefs. Albrecht does not often discuss her religious views with

reporters. But she believes that RFID technology may be part of the

fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast prophesied in the Book of

Revelation. ... Bill Scannell, a privacy advocate, and Lee Tien,

senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, are among

those who have talked to Albrecht about reaching out to Christians who

take parts of the Bible literally. .... Scannell and Tien do not share

Albrecht's biblical interpretations. But there is nothing wrong with

people who oppose RFID for theological reasons, said Scannell." (07/14/05)



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