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Christians, have you thought Jesus's return


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Quote from Fred

I believe that He will be coming out of this "sleeping period" at tribulation, the second coming, and the rapture.


Fred/evangelical Christians, ask you pastors if Middle East Christians believe this, if European Christians believe this, if Martin Luther believed this.


I conceived this thread for a while, and would like to post it after reading Fred’s, and there was also a thread “Praying for Jesus’s return” – it’s a timing thing.


The Messianic tradition was that Prophet Elijah is a forerunner of the Messiah.


From NT:

Elijah has Come - Matthew 17:10-13

Elijah has Come - Matthew 11:13-15


John (the Baptist) ministered "in the spirit and power of Elias" (Luke. 1:17 ),


This is not to propose when Jesus comes back, Jesus will come back as another person of incarnation.


My point is, Elijah’s return to accompany the Messiah, who you believed is Jesus, was metaphorical and not the physical prophet Elijah himself.


If he does not come back physically, it is your belief of Jesus’s physical return may disappoint you, and not Jesus himself who disappoints you.


For Christians, Jesus’s return signifies justification of Christian faith: Jesus is the Messiah, irrefutable, period.


If you let yourself betting your faith on Jesus-will-return, the ‘obsession in Jesus-will-return’ itself will become your God.


If Jesus will physically return, theological problems will get resolved: Jesus’s divinity, Creation/Evolution, Catholicism/Protestantism, Judaism and Messiah, Christianity and other religions, plus Christians and Ex-C.net!


However, I have this feeling that God counts on you (Christians and believers in general) to not count on Him to make peace amongst religions, and amongst fellow humans.


And Fred (and all young Christians), your generation shall live to see the rapture, if it so happens (are you aware of raptureready.com Fred?) http://www.raptureready.com/rap2.html


If on the contrary, then don’t count that the Christians after your generation shall see it. If you don’t see it (“fastening seat belt” for say 80 years? "NOW is the End Time" for 80 years? And nothing happens?), they ain’t going to see it. Fair enough?

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Nope, sorry; didn't catch any of that.

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Jesus fits none of the biblical requirements of the Messiah....


I'd be interested in hearing more about that, Thankful.




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What is "double prophecy"? Could you elaborate a bit?



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