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Goodbye Jesus

Recent death in my old church


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I've been out of a fundy pentecostal church for about four months. Today, a young man who still attended, died of brain cancer. He fell into a coma Tuesday night and was brain dead by Friday. Today, they pulled the plug. He was not diagnosed with this cancer until Tuesday after he fell into the coma. His wife had no chance to say goodbye. He was only 26.

I knew this man and his wife, all of their family and friends. I know for a fact that everybody was on their knees praying for his life. Why did god let him die?


And don't give the same old same old.

1) god works in mysterious ways

2) god know when to take us

3) he was "ready" so god took him

4) maybe he would backslide later in life so god took him now


etc, etc


If god is so loving and merciful, why does he kill people that dedicate their lives to him? Why does god not answer prayer? I always heard about miracles, but I never witnessed one. Why do you christians keep fooling yourselves?

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Even better, why didn't one the members of the church preform a healing? Don't they have enough faith? Sucks that the guy died so you. My uncle had brain cancer too, he was in his early 30s when he died.

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thats horrible

I wonder the same sometimes


but what I dont get is


why 3 year old children die in 3rd world countries and then christians say it was gods plan


it was gods plan to let them live for 3 years and not even being able to comprehend the world then die.


God has a plan for everyone? I dont think so.


If he does


he's probably playing a really big chess game and he's loosing

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Guest Roamin' Lion

Which Pentecostal church did you come out of?


Mine was Assembly of God. They seem to be the biggest one. And, surprisingly mainstream these days. Frightening!


These are the sorts of questions and answers I abhor from those within religion. Life is a crap shoot. Knowledge is our best chance at survival, that and being able to form networks of friends and relatives.


These people were missing the knowledge component. They did not know he had cancer. There might have been signs, but it might have been prayed over or explained away some other way.

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