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One Buck Ethanol From Garbage


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One buck ethanol from garbage

The Libertarian Enterprise

by Robert Jackman


"Speaking loud and clear about the potential to produce cellulosic

ethanol right now with production costs of less than US $1.00 per

gallon was Wes Bolsen, chief marketing officer and vice president of

business development for Coskata. 'We're ready to go today,' he said.

The company uses a syngas to ethanol process, converting, Bolsen said,

virtually any feedstock, to syngas via a plasma gasifier and then

using proprietary microorganisms and bioreactor designs to convert

that gas to ethanol." (06/22/08)



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Always knew the objection to ethanol was BS. It SO doesn't have to be corn, as Brazil has proven with sugarcane, but it doesn't have to be any consumable crop at all, either.


There are other crops like switchgrass that can be grown on more marginal lands that are a very viable alternative to consumable crops, but garbage has to top them all!


I also think that the naysayers are all associated with big oil and companies like Monsanto; big obstacles to overcome.

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Hubby just ordered a small 'still, preparatory to building a larger one with plans he got off the 'net. We have all manner of organic material on our 16 acres which we can turn into biofuel. And we have a helpful ole country boy auto mechanic to help with necessary modifications.

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Guest Net Eng

You can make fuel from garbage as well as bio products. LINK


This inventor from my home town had it working back in the 1970's.


Needless to say he did not get rich.

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What's the latest word on the amount of greenhouse gases produced by burning ethanol? Not by volume, mind you, but by usable energy content. A gallon ethanol might release smaller amounts of greenhouse gases than a gallon of gasoline, but it doesn't help much if you have to burn twice as much ethanol to get to work.

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I would dearly love the West to come up with a dirt cheap alternative to oil so we can tell all the muslim states what to do with their oil, forcing them to come begging to us for foreign aid. Back in the sixties, Saudi Arabia received foreign aid.

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