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Goodbye Jesus

-- Humanist Network News #32


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This month's Humanist Network News podcastis modeled after the popular National Public Radio program StoryCorps.In this program we hear the personal stories of humanists fromScotland, Africa, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Brazil and the U.S.

Segment 1: A Humanist Wedding and Funeral in Scotland

Scotland made national headlines in 2005 when the country hosted thefirst legally recognized humanist wedding. Derek Young and Clare Marsh,members of Humanist Society Scotland, share their stories ofparticipating in humanist weddings and funerals in Scotland. Clare alsoshares her story of being a humanist teacher at a Catholic school inScotland.

End: 15:05

Segment 2: Homosexuality and Humanist Activism in Africa

When Asaba Lawrence of Uganda hosted a humanist event where gays andlesbians were of course welcome, he lost his job because homosexualityis punishable by death. Asaba shares that story with Gea Meijers ofBelgium. Lawrence belongs to the Uganda Humanist Association. Meijersworks for the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

End: 25:07

Segment 3: Atheist Bloggers: Chicago & Malaysia

The Friendly Atheist blogger Hemant Mehta, of Chicago, speaks with theMalaysian atheist blogger of the Evolved & Rational blog. Becauseshe is so outspoken about atheism and her attitude toward theists, thisyoung female blogger tells Hemant that it would not be safe for her toreturn to Malaysia if she were to reveal her identity on her blog or onthis podcast.

End: 35:50

Segment 4: Gender and Division of Labor in Brazil

Prof. Geraldo Adriana Godoy de Campos speaks with Juliana Lago, both ofBrazil, about the division of labor between the sexes in Brazil.Juliana says she hopes to raise a family in which housework is spreadequally between the men and women, even though that was not the case inthe family she was raised.

End: 44:07

Segment 5: Listener Comments: Christian Death Metal Music

A listener responds to our interview with punk rocker Greg Graffin ofthe band Bad Religion. Listeners review the Humanist Network Newspodcast.

End: 51:51


100861559.jpegAnother Sunny Day by Belle and Sebastian, from The Life Pursuit

oskidos_church_grooves_6.jpgRevolution (BOP Remix), from Oskidoâs Church Grooves 6


204524-72.jpgAline de Lima
download_icon.gif "Terra" (mp3)
from "Arrebol"

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