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Goodbye Jesus



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So for 3 years now my family has said little of Xtianity-- going to church, reading the Bible, praying, etc. The only time religion has been mentioned has been that one fateful Christmas when my sister outed me... this last Christmas had no Virgin Mary, no Baby Jesus, nothing Away in a Manger. But now... things are beginning to get a taaaaaaaaaaaadddd religious again.


For one my mother still buys a bunch of religious books. Why, I don't know. But she generally keeps them out of my view. My sister however...


My sister is 14 years old. She's the one who outed me the Christmas before last. She knows very well that I'm an atheist. We both have MySpaces and we're friends on there. Occasionally she posts some "believe in God or dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!11!!!111" BS. I normally ignore them, but I can't delete the messages because stupid MySpace won't let you delete other people's bulletins. I responded to one, saying "Smile! There is no hell." Sister didn't respond.


So one day I was looking for something in her room, and I found this two-year-old devotional thing for teenage girls. Yeah, 365 pages of badly-written Jesus-oriented crap, a little lesson at the end, and where to find said lesson in the Bible. And what are more than half of what the little short-stories about? Oh yeah, you got it. Being a Christian around an angry swarm of evil atheists.


Worse yet, my sister know I come to Ex-C, and that I am still an atheist. And I'm afraid she's been telling my mother this, because both have asked me "do you still not believe in God?"


Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :vent: I can't believe I used to be into that poorly-written crap! I used to read it religiously (heh). Adn now my sister does, wtf. I've considered hiding it and making it look like she misplaced it. I do not want her witnessing to me, nor do I want her to think I'm going to Hell.

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