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Goodbye Jesus

Oh for Darwin's sake!


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“A godless religion that retains all the dogmatic posturing of the faiths it so confidently denies, with few of the consolations”


Rick Bayan
on Atheism


Atheism is a highly secretive religion devoted to private worship of the ultimate, all powerful goddess Athe. The goal of atheists is to destroy society by persuading people to join them in their faith through cunning arguments as to why it's better Godatheists-758847.jpgthan anyone else's. Legend has it that Atheists got their powers of persuasion from a four-way deal thousands of years ago between the all powerful goddess Athe, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Xenu, was supposedly left behind by Richard Dawkins, also see: Paradox.


Since Atheists are so obsessed with reason, logic, science and math(s) they call their cunning argument(s) "organized religious algorithms" and model them on a computer before heading for the street. The main technique they use is to walk around a typical busy church shouting “you worthless sinners! I am holier than thou! My beliefs are better than yours! Come to Athe Jesus or and die!” Many religious people such as Satan, Kerry King and the Giant Panda like to claim that Atheists don't exist.


Read the rest of this insightful exploration of the religion of atheism at http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Atheism. After reading the article, return here with any comments.


Have fun!



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I'm pretty well versed on my ancient mythological gods, but who the fuck is Athe?


Of course the only place it shows up is the Unencyclopedia.

Athe Nogod...at least she's hot. :)


Weird shit man.

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