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Goodbye Jesus

Short Story I Wrote.

Azure Knight

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I write short stories and poetry a lot, and recently made this one, let me know what you think.






Stars dancing through the sky, unseen through shrouded clouds that masque their presence.


Darkness. Swallowing the entirety.


The moon, attending antiquities task, illuminating the night, but now, only the hunting cloak of darkness reigns, allowing the night to play on ones imagination, conjuring all sorts of frightful designs from the leafless trees of fall.


Crimson streaks decorate an alleyway, spilled across the ground in puddles, blood, and freshly spilt, slowly drains from open wounds . Two bodies lie almost motionless, the last of their strength dwindling away to nothing, slashes mar flesh.


One body is that of female, 19years old, ice blue exotic eyes, clouded with deaths approach. Locks if dark ebony hair now matted in blood and streaked with crimson surrounded her fare-skinned face. Her young slender body lie in the dank and damp cobblestone ally, her Victorian dress of the time, torn and covered in hers, and her companions, blood.


Her companion ways a young man of a few years older than that her of 23 years, Amber red eyes, and he lay beside her, a foot or so away, his black clothing torn as the woman's dress, his long hair falling onto his face and, his teeth where clenched, blood ran freely from his mouth as he glared up in to the alleyway where he and his lover had been discarded like waste. In his moments before deaths embrace, he saw the faint image of a shadowed man, their assailant.


A twisted laugh tolls out, one of a person with no moral fiber, one that could rival the devils himself. It was low at the beginning, disturbing the chilled night air, seeming to echo off the ally walls, it was not long before the menacing laugh became psychotic with the owners deed soon being done, this man was inhuman, the way he did not hesitate to walk in to the alleyway was proof enough, but he walked without care, nor concern, as if it was nothing, his falling footsteps rang in the couples ears, much like the bell, which now tolled. The young man flinches, as the figure comes with in feet of him and the woman. The young man's heart began to race, forcing more blood to run through his veins and on to the cobblestone ground below him. His teeth clenched harder than before as he struggled to fight off the eternal sleep that the blood loss was willing upon him. He could now see his killer, he was face to face, eye to eye even. The killers face was narrow and pale, his long silver hair flowing in the cold night breeze. His eyes glowing like embers of a fire in the dark night. Blood shot, piercing, with pupils like that of a cat. Holding a grin on his face, he took jest in this, deriving a pleasure of sorts from the sheer terror that lay in a thick blanket. "Conner, my boy, " the killer spoke calmly and collectively as though completely relaxed, like the two were sitting together like old friends enjoying drinks. " You know that she is going to die big brother?" He paused, "Such a waste, really." The killer continued running his fingers delicately across the young girls face.


The young woman cringed with the slipping strength she had left in her body. Disgusted at the fact that this killer had the audacity to touch her, relinquishing her ability to fight, to breath, much less move. She was left to her fate, accepting the dark, chilling embrace of the reaper.


"Zed." Conner gasps, "I beg you to please not do this."

Zed smirked, " You had your chance." he said coldly as he pulled a dagger from behind him. He grinned as he took the blade and drew it slowly against the young woman's skin. The blade was cold and smooth, it ran easily down her cheek and to her neck. Zed grabbed the woman's black hair and lifted her head off the ground and put the knife to her neck, it bit in to her skin as a wolf's fangs to flesh and fur, the feeling was sharp, and pain ripped through the nerve endings in her flesh for a brief moment, and then she was dead. No drums, no bells, nothing, just death and the sound of her head cracking against the stones of the road and the splash in pool of blood around her.


Zed then turned to Conner, and smiled wickedly, grabbing his brother, he sat him up, "Your pathetic. " Zed then grinned, " You know what? It has just occurred to me, that I have never given you anything," Zed paused, " I know! I'll give you sorrow, and pain, I will let you live knowing that you can never stop me, until it consumes you and you sell your soul as I did for the immorality and strength that I have." Zed laughed, then got up and walked out of the alleyway as if nothing had occurred, and disappeared into the cold night, leaving Conner to lie next to his dead lover, in a pool of warm blood. A dizziness came about him, and he struggled to live, clinging to what life remained in his soon-to-be corpse, he turned to his betrothed and saw a tear streaking down her cheek as he reached out his right hand to grab hers. He slowly slid a beautiful diamond ring onto her finger as his head slowly lolled to the side, and fell right next to hers, his hand holding hers as he answered the reapers call.

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