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Goodbye Jesus

How Could A Good Superman Allow So Much Evil?


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How could a good Superman allow so much evil?

The Free Liberal

by Micah Tillman


"God, if you only knew it, is more like Batman or Spider-Man than what

the Church wants you to think. God's not all-knowing and all-powerful,

but He does the best He can. After all, you've seen the personal

problems being a superhero creates for Spidey or the Dark Knight. 'How

could a good god allow so much evil?' is, to these thinkers, like

asking, 'How could a good Batman allow so much evil?' It's not so much

He allows it all, but that He can't stop it all. Other thinkers

disagree with Novak, of course. They think the more educated you are,

the more you realize Superman doesn't exist." (07/24/08)



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