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Goodbye Jesus

Questions for presuppositionalists

Francois Tremblay

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Any presup is free to try to answer any of these (even though you can't), but answers that are just rehashing of presup dogma will be completely ignored.



1. Do you have an actual argument ? Even your idol Bahnsen didn't have one. Can you put your presuppositionalism in a coherent formalized syllogism ? Otherwise you are either a fraud or a troll.


2. What does "God" mean ?

Note that I'm not asking you to define the term. I am asking you what it means - how one might go around finding a "God" and differentiating it from "non-God".


3. What does the word "create" mean in "God created the universe" ?

In the material universe, "create" means to reform existing matter into new structures. How can "God" "create" from nothing ? Nothing can come from nothing.


4. If you agree with the Inherent-Properties Objection, what does the word "logic" mean in "logic is part of God's nature" ? In the material universe (which we live in), logic is a material property of existence.


5. Is presuppositionalism falsifiable ? Name evidence that could prove you wrong. If it's not falsifiable, it has nothing to do with reality.


6. In your Cartoon Universe, can you disprove the claim that God - or Satan - is tricking you into accepting presuppositionalism ? If not, why do you still hold on to an illusion ?

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