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Fundy Cube Mate


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There's a new contractor at work, who sits in a cube adjacent to mine (which I still have to share with the fundy). Now she actually seems intelligent and likes to debate. And she likes to read fanfiction.


I get the feeling she might be an atheist, but I'm not entirely sure.


So she's talking to my fundy cube mate and I, and we're talking about debating, and she brings up the old "well, what if everyone thought the sky was green, but you knew it was blue, and everyone kept saying the sky was green so eventually you believed it was green also" argument. (Which makes me think she's not a Christian, at least, not a fundy.)


And I said, "Okay, this is my point of view. I'm the one who thinks the sky is blue even though everyone else thinks it's green. Imagine if our culture evolved around chocolate cake, and everyone kept offering you a piece of chocolate cake, so you try it eventually, but it doesn't agree with you. But they still keep offering you cake, so you try one more piece, but it still doesn't agree with you, and you are completely full of chocolate cake, even though everyone still keeps offering it to you, even when you tell them 'I'm sorry, but I am very tired of chocolate cake'."


Even though I've been dropping subtle hints, I think that perhaps my fundy cube mate finally got it through his thick skull.


And then of course, he had to bring up the "you weren't a true Christian" argument. I said that was really kind of offensive, since you don't really know what I went through.


He apologized for it, but he still needs to get over his stereotyping of people.

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