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Goodbye Jesus

Interesting "list" I Found.


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This is a list that my mom has. I reckon she got it from her church. It is a list that gives examples to make the family home more god like.


1. Make your home a place of peace, not a battleground.


2. Eliminate murmuring and complaining from your home.


3. Take time to read God's word and pray together as a family each day.


4. Fill your home with music that honors God.


5. Do not laugh at things that you have told your children are sinful.


6. Teach your children that we are all personally accountable to Jesus Christ.


7. Submit to the leadership of your husband, even if he is not all he should be.


8. Love your wives and make this commitment, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee"


9. Do not provoke your children to wrath by hypocrisy, unrealistic expectations, or an unforgiving spirit.



What the fuck? I can think of a billion things to make a home better than this shit. #1 is common sense. #2 is just weird because if you eliminate complaining then you might as well eliminate breathing. Hell, it's what people do, deal with it. #3 is plain old idiotic brainwashing. #4 is the perfect setup for suicide and brainwashing. #5 is so stupid as to not warrant saying anything. #6 is sobering for a small child to know that they have something to fear all the rest of their lives. #7's sexist bigotry speaks for itself. #8 seems like it was put in there just to make the women happy about #7. And #9 is more weird, idiotic bull shit.


I believe i could get better advice on the family from a crack whore out working a street corner.

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The only one I can agree with is no. 1.


As for the rest of it -seems OK if you aren't a woman, don't think too much, and don't care if you scare your kids.


Yeah No. 8 is just a token line in an attempt to appease women.


A crack whore would probably be more in touch with reality.

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Number 9 basically contridicts the whole list. Talk about unrealistic expectations...

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I don't know. I like the list.


Number 7 and 8 are great. They explain the rest about keeping the peace and not bitching and moaning. #7. Uptight passive aggressive jesus bitch...you're stuck with that douche bag so deal with it. #8. Douche bag. You ain't going nowhere. You're stuck with the prudish jesus freak bitch. So get hammered and remind everyone why you're a douche bag. #9 is kind of a "Do as I say and not as I do" variant. Lovely.


Is this some sort of "White Trash Creed?"



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It really should read, "Husbands and wives submit to each other."

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