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Atheist Sign: A Response


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202px-Homeless_Woman.jpgImage via WikipediaBy Neal Stone


In Olympia, WA., the Atheists put up a sign that really upset the religious community. The following is my letter to this community.


Dear Religious Community:


You rallied at the capital against a sign. Just a sign. You don't even have to look at it. Where is, "Love thy neighbor?" How about, "Love your enemies?" And let's not forget, "Rejoice when persecuted!" Yet, you come against this sign with hate and anger.


Do you really think Jesus is going to be impressed because you protested a sign? Do you really think this is what God wants you to do with your time when so many are suffering?


You come out to defend and prove your beliefs. Only someone who is insecure or in a cult is so defensive. Maybe instead of defending, you could settle for living your beliefs? Can you handle that? Living what you believe is the best way to prove if something works or not. Prove to us that what you believe works!


This winter in downtown Olympia, due to alcoholism, drugs or due to the fact the shelters are full, a homeless person will lay down outside to go to sleep. Due to the extreme cold, he/she will die, freezing to death.


But that's OK, you go on and worry about that Atheist sign at the capital. After all, that's important.


Someone in your church or neighborhood will lose their home do to a foreclosure or eviction, because they couldn't make the payments.


But that's OK, you worry about that Christmas Tree at the capital. After all, that's important.


Someone in your church or neighborhood will be unable to buy food, clothes and even shoes for their kids or family.


But that's OK, you worry about that Nativity Scene at the capital. After all, that's important.


It is so sad that the religious community will raise a great fuss over a sign, and yet so much tragedy happens in their own churches and neighborhoods. So much pain and suffering right in front of you, yet you say nothing or do little to correct it. Oh wait, I take that back, you do pray for them. Wow, that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know you care at least to pray for them. Praying is easy, but action is difficult. Which route do you take?


What happened to special offerings to raise money to those who need it in your church? What happened to taking groceries to someone who was hungry or clothes to someone who needed them?


Where was the rally for the homeless man who died freezing to death last year? Where was the rally for those in your churches who are hungry? Where is the rally for those in your church who are unemployed? Where is the rally for those in your church who have lost their homes due to fires, floods or other means?


Sure people do come forward to help those mentioned, but yet so many more go without. Why is that? And why does hearing you preach have to be a condition to help them? And who are you to tell us our lives aren't worth something and have no meaning? That's for us to decide not you!


You have million-dollar churches with million-dollar budgets and feel that running your churches like they were businesses is OK. But nowadays, that's all they are. They are just businesses. And guess what? I'm not buying!Related articles by Zemanta<ul class="zemanta-article-ul"><li class="zemanta-article-ul-li">This year's hype on the so-called war on Christmas<li class="zemanta-article-ul-li">Religious Billboards





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