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Goodbye Jesus

Ready For Revolution?


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Ready for revolution?

Strike the Root

by Alex R. Knight III


"According to Gerald Celente, you'd better be. Celente is the CEO of

Trends Research Institute, who in mid-November made public his

prediction that by 2012, America will witness mass food riots,

squatters rebellions by the homeless, tax rebellions by the

economically strapped, and even pockets of armed resistance as

economic conditions worsen. It would be easy to dismiss Celente as

just another gloom-and-doom wingnut -- were it not for his track

record. ... There's more: Recently, Celente's sentiments were echoed

by Tom Fitzpatrick, chief technical strategist for the beleaguered

Citibank, who predicted in an internal memo that the current crisis

could create, '... depression, civil disorder and possibly wars.' ...

I much prefer a peaceful revolution of the mind to one involving

bullets and bombs and flame. But this one's not my call -- nor, in all

likelihood, is it yours." (12/08/08)



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I've been seeing this for a while now. When the masses get too discontent, they revolt.

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This reminds me of a song by Brett Dennen called I Asked When, in which he lists various social problems during the verses, and in the chorus states: "And I asked when...is the revolution."


Things are a little different in Australia - we're not hit as hard by the economic crisis - but given this and some other predictions I've seen on top of the abundant social problems the world faces at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised to see rioting and rebellions within the next few years - at least, not in some part of the globe.

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Ready For Revolution?


Christ, wouldn't ya know it! I was ready 2 years back. Now I'm too damn tired.

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