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Goodbye Jesus

Left Behind. Hate Properganda?


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Poorly written pieces of shit.

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I read them about four years ago when I was fourteen. At the time I liked them and thought them quite good, but my powers of literary analysis and critical thinking in general were not fully developed. Recently someone (I'm afraid I can't remember who, sorry) posted a link* to a blog written by an evalgelical Xian who disagrees with 'premillennial dispensationalism' and absolutely ripped the series to shreds, and I read a few entries then went back and read bits and pieces of the first book again, and found that it truely is a horrendous piece of writing.


I wouldn't go so far as to say it's hate propaganda, though - not anymore so than the rapture theory generally. But it does endorse some standard intolerant ideas common to Xian fundamentalism, and (as the aforementioned blogger points out) is quite misogynistic in that there are only about 4 noteworthy women in the LB universe.



* Here it is: http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/left_behind/

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