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Goodbye Jesus

God's Great Mercy Half-blinds A 2yr Old


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Here is an excerpt from the website of one of my friends. He lost one of

his eyes at the age of two when he asked his sister to toss a toy gun in

the air so he could catch it like a TV cowboy. Rather than attributing

this loss to a mere accident, he has constructed a theology around it to

where a loving God "allowed" his 2yr-old eye to be popped so that he

would see the destructive nature of his pride (i.e., wanting to be cool

like a TV cowboy). This is about as contorted a faith as I have ever

seen. But it fits with the Christian notion that by nature we are bent

and twisted creatures.




In my life, I began to try and strike up deals with God after realizing

at a very young age that I was a sinful corrupt little boy who needed a

saviour. I couldn't undo the things I'd done. The things I harbored in

my heart. They were like a seed that would sprout to maturity, and make

me a destructive self-seeking person like those I'd learned about and

met so far in life, unless something changed.


At the age of two, I lost my left eye, and was very conscious of God

being near to me as my pride was brought to utter ruin. I would never

be viewed as "normal". But God would use that to mature me and reveal

the heart of the world to me. I believe God only allowed it to happen

because he saw that my heart was terminally prideful. I wanted to exalt

myself when I begged my sister to toss the toy gun into the air so I

could catch it like some western star I saw on TV. I instead found

myself crying in my mother's arms being rushed to the hospital. Much

later in High School I finally remembered why my sister asked "Will you

forgive me?" as we were growing up. I had been brainwashed to believe a

neighbor kid had tossed the gun by my parents who were counselled to lie

in order to save my sister from guilt.


Of course I let my sister know that I forgave her when I could remember.

And that it wasn't even her fault anyway. I remembered my own motives

as clear as the day. I was accountable to respond to God's hand of love

reaching out to me at the age of two. I chose to accept my fault in the

matter, and that allowed me to forgive my sister instead of believing

that she had done it on purpose or some such thing and using it to make

her feel as though she owed me something in this life. My sister is a

dear sister in Christ today.


Some years later, I came to understand what Jesus Christ had done. I

knew at the age of six that this was the answer to the guilt I felt when

I acted selfishly and thought of myself above others. This Jesus had

died for me, being perfect in every way. And he was related to God as a

"begotten son" whatever that was. I didn't understand too well, but I

knew that God loved me and had done something very powerful here.




This is one friend that I haven't yet spoken with about my departure

from Christianity. He will argue with people until the sun burns out,

using some really strained reasoning that he regards as utterly clear

and profound. He has been kicked off of numerous online forums for his

unyielding attitude and huge postings. If I tell him, he will show up at

my doorstep and won't leave until he has saved me. I don't see any

chance of him ever acknowledging the problems with the faith, since he

makes a regular practice of bizarre reasoning and expects everyone else

to recognize his "logic". This is sad for me, because he was one of my

best friends for years, being a basic geek and having a similar sense of

humor. At this point I feel so unlike him that I don't even want to talk

to him.

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Goodbye Jesus
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So the 2 year old kid has a much clearer picture than everyone else who has been brainwashed? The same guy who believes that a 2 year old kid has a "prideful" heart and must lose an eye so he won't be so bad later on? How sad for him. The irony is that this very explanation makes him the centerpiece of things. A "prideful" view if you will. If he were to have two eyes the story turns him into a spoiled brat rather than "god's" special project.



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Well, if that don't beat all....all this time I thought it was my eating too much VS. the amount of exercise I get.....too many sweets, not enough sweating.


Jesus made me obese. Damn Deity......but I guess I don't understand the lesson....does it mean I am not supposed to be a well paid office worker in a company that saves lives and increases the quality of people's lives daily? Should I move to a hut in the middle of nowhere, and do hard physical labor to please the Lord? Labor that would probably only benefit me and a handful of others?


God does work in mysterious ways. Hope Jesus give that guy his eye back. And I hope he takes all this weight back from me....LOL

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Sounds like someone who was traumatized more by the fuss made over him losing an eye rather than by the actual incident. I can almost hear his parents' telling him how god yanked out an eye for playing with a gun.

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I can almost hear his parents' telling him how god yanked out an eye for playing with a gun.

What's that movie? A Christmas Story? The one where the kid wants the BB gun but everyone tells him he'll shoot his eye out. Until the day he gets the gun and oops.



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And now that he's a faithful Christian who's learnt his lesson, is God going to restore his eye? I doubt that somehow. <_<

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I can almost hear his parents' telling him how god yanked out an eye for playing with a gun.

What's that movie? A Christmas Story? The one where the kid wants the BB gun but everyone tells him he'll shoot his eye out. Until the day he gets the gun and oops.




The Red Rider BB Gun.


"You'll shoot your eye out kid"


One of my all time favorite movies, full of un-christly xmas goodness....no more "Jesus of Nazareth" this year, no more "The Greatest Story ever Sold..eh Told", no more "King of Kings".


My first Christmas without Christ, so what will be my reason for the season?? Freedom, from religion, from the bible, from having to go to church.


As time goes by I am feeling less animosity towards the whole thing, hopefully Xtianity will end as a passing dream and finally be forgotten except when confronted by a Xtian or passing y a church or on Xmas or on Easter...oh bloody hell, theres no escaping, I will have to move to India!




That story my friend, reminds me of so many of the "Praise reports" I would hear at the Pentecostal church or the 4 Square, where the same crippled up broken people would speak up and piece together some highly elaborate way to exalt god working in their life, when in reality god wasnt doing a damned thing.


It's really a sad thing, I feel bad for your friend as a human being, believing that god took away his eye so he wouldnt be proud at the age of 2 for wanting to be like a cowboy??? He HAS to have been brainwashed as a child and the fact that the parents made up a story about a neighbor leads me to believe they may have done many things to facilitate his beliefs and opinions in an overt fashion. tsk tsk.


I will continue on in my journey looking for a being of perfect love and light who would never hurt a child, I choose to believe somehow that we make choices to enter this life and have certain things happen to us and so on, I cant prove this and my beliefs are slowly evolving since de-conversion, but it seems I can not believe there is no god, and I can not believe the true SOURCE would perpetrate pain and evil unless it was by permission and request...I am forced to choose re-incarnation at this point, I cant believe in a god who is love and would allow the world to suffer as it does.


I hope your friend somehow sees the futility of this way of thinking, it frightens me to imagine what this person's thought life is like, as I know how horrifying mine has been.


Well, sorry to get off topic and all but i just found out I am a Re-incarnationist...lol....thats what I get for thinking about my thoughts at 4 in the morning go figure

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