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Goodbye Jesus



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I am not exactly sure how to express this, but I'll give it a try. I am feeling somewhat sad that there is no "magic". When I was a believer, I was convinced of the reality of healing, receiving direct input from God, prophecy, and of course the "dark side" of spirituality which was out to get us. But now that I am outside looking in, I feel somewhat disappointed that none of this is real.


I found my self drawn to the Harry Potter series and was enjoying them, especially the character of Luna. She seems to have the quirky otherness that made people merely tolerate me for so many years. But today I was bringing myself out of the realm of magic, realizing that there is no Hogwarts, no Luna, no Dumbledore. *sigh*


So I feel wistful. I found my desires longing to be a part of something magical and cool. I suppose this is just part of the cycle of leaving a way that was familiar and trusted for one that is known but which I still don't entirely trust at a deep level. I still feel the "ooga booga" spiritual warning when I think about things like Saturnalia instead of Christmas. This robs me of joy that I could have otherwise.


I did stop to ponder that technology today would have been regarded as magic 200 years ago. That I can download a movie wirelessly and display it on my TV is pretty remarkable stuff. But it is stuff that is the current culmination of years of bright ideas and engineering by clever folks. Some of my users describe my ability to solve their computer issues "magic" and that feels nice. I believe it was Arthur C. Clarke that said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." There is something to that. I enjoy doing experiments, like building an electric motor out of a bit of copper wire, a magnet, and a battery. I still marvel that the thing can actually move. I look forward to showing my nephews and nieces and explaining the physics behind why these things work. Perhaps I'm a bit of a Dumbledore in that way.


Thanks for listening.

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I well understand this and think that *most* people probably feel this way as well - to varying degrees of course.


As a society we have a fascination with superheroes and anything possibly supernatural. I think the majority wishes there is something beyond this mere physicality.


I am really into preternatural type novels lately. Vampires, witches, werewolves, ghouls, and ghosts. I find it all quite fascinating and am often disappointed that it just isn't real.

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But your imagination is real. So why not just... imagine away...?!

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