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Goodbye Jesus

I'm Still Getting Conservative Crap


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When I was Christian, I went along with all of the conservative crap (like being anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-science, etc.), so I subscribed to stuff like American Family Association, Conservative Action Alerts, and the likes. Well, even though I have unsubscribed to them, I am still getting their crap. I'm starting to get fed up.

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You will likely have to contact these organizations directly and insist upon being removed from ALL mailing lists. You don't have to go into why. It's none of their business. Get the name of the person you speak to...so later when you continue to receive stuff (which is quite possible) you can say you spoke to so-and-so and they did not remove you like you asked. Get this person's name too.


Now...they know you were serious about being removed from mailing lists, and you probably really will be removed at this point.


If not....call again. Make reference to the 2 people you spoke to prior, demand to speak to a manager. Get his name. Repeat insistence upon being removed from mailing lists. At THIS point (and not earlier) express that you are feeling harassed, and that you want your address absolutely removed from their lists.


It may take all three calls per organization. But most should piss off after call three.


If this is a hassle, just remember their crap makes good kindling on cold winter nights.

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