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Goodbye Jesus

Meteorology A Science Niche For Christians?

R. S. Martin

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I'm just curious. I found this on William Lane Craig's forums where a young man talked about his academic goals:


I shall be joining the most religious branch of Earth Science= Meterology.


To my knowledge, there are more Christians in meteorology then in any Earth Science. Kinda cool huh?


Although the job market is not that great


From http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/rf...08#post30631808 (Post 5)


QUESTION: Is the job market "not great" because there's so many fundy Christians flooding it? In other words, is this one of the few fields of science the Christians can work in without compromising their beliefs? This guy accepts evolution.

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Well, for those of you who, by the grace of God, went out today, I don't have to tell you it was as clear as the truth of the Gospel, but the Lord in His wisdom caused it to be muggy for most of the state, with the high temperatures in the low to mid 90's. The city of Chastity had a sanctified high for the day of 97 degrees. And that's hot. Not nearly as hot as Hell, of course, but the saved won't have to worry about the weather in Hell, praise His name. (Ha, ha.)


For those of you planning outdoor activities that glorify the Lord tomorrow, you can expect fair skies for most of Saturday with temperatures in the high 90's. However, things might change by Saturday evening with a storm front moving in caused by a strong homosexual agenda high pressure system moving in from the East. For the Sabbath, we can expect light scattered showers over the northern part of the state bringing slightly cooler temperatures in the 80's, but this rain should taper off by mid Sunday morning, if my son Joshua will stop masturbating. (Ha, ha.) It will be partly cloudy for most of the morning, but these clouds should be swept away like sinners on judgment day around mid-afternoon by the winds of His righteousness coming in from the West at thirty-five to forty miles-per-hour. Hallelujah!


Skies should be clear Sunday night for those wanting to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. I can tell you, it's truly awe-inspiring and educational for both kids and adults alike to see the shadow caused by the Lord placing his hand between the moon and the sun! It should start at 10:47 pm.


And that's all for today's weather. Glory!



[Sorry, dear lady. I know this isn't a reply to your question, but I saw your post and just absolutely couldn't resist. ~Loren]

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Perhaps christians believe meteorites are messages from god?


Across Europe, most christians do accept evolution. They still believe goddidit, but using the rules of science he had set up first.


If you rationalise it, you have a being that lives literally forever and to whom a billion years is but the blink of an eye, why would he rush like a maniac and get the lot done in six days? Far better to start it off and just prod it along in the right direction every so many million years or so.


Rationalising Genesis 1:


god: I made the Universe in 13.7 billion years.

Moses stares with a glazed look in his eyes.

god: I made Earth 4.6 billion years ago and four billion years ago I started off life in the oceans.

Moses still stares with the same dazed expression.

god: Five million years ago, I separated the primate line by having Man leave the trees and walk on the ground.

Moses starts dribbling.

god: Any questions so far?

Moses: Is a billion years more or less than a hundred years?

god looks at Moses critically. Sighs.

god: I made the heavens and the Earth in six days.

Moses nods like a faithful dog, a big smile on his face.

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Guest Negative Cool

Christians can check with God how much hail and snow He has stockpiled in His storehouses (Job 38:22), makes sense that they would make good meteorologists with this kind of insider knowledge.

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