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Goodbye Jesus

Yet Another "no Such Thing As An Exc" Incl. Jeff Goes Insane


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She doesn't want to know or listen, she already has a conclusion and she wants to talk about it under the guise of asking questions. I used to do this with Mormons and JWs at my front door.


If she wanted to know, she would come here and read the ex-Christian testimonies and ponder them. She would hear ex-pastors, ex-missionaries, ex-preachers, and others talk about their former passion for God and for church and *why* they stopped believing.


When scores of others in a church also claim to talk "with" God in prayer and hang out with him as she put it, it lends emotional credence to the reaction that people have to the imagined deity. Group psychology reinforces the perceived reality of the imaginary friend. If God were real, the relationship would be a lot more satisfying and overtly testable as a real thing. But since it only happens in their "heart" and this king of the universe that dwells in these new creations with ever increasing glory can't cure blindness, amputees, or any other real issue, it becomes obvious that he was never real to begin with. But since that is emotionally disturbing, it gets shelved mentally and they go on proclaiming the greatness of their imaginary friend, along with their support group of others who also profess his reality.


How do I know this to be true? I am an ex-Christian. I lived it for 30 years and sat side-by-side with people like this woman. I blocked the doors of abortion clinics and was dragged away and arrested. I tithed tens of thousands of dollars and volunteered hundreds of hours. I preached, I studied, I discussed with other Christians, I studied Koine Greek. I looked verses up in Greek and Hebrew, all so I could know what was really true about God. I spent countless hours studying cults and apologetics so I could know why Christianity was true and the others were not. I felt power touch me. I heard responses to prayer and fasting. I wept over my sin and prayed for days on end seeking the transformation Jesus spoke of. I had parable dreams that seemed like God was showing me glimpses of Heaven and revealing powerful lessons to me. I loved him and worshiped him for pouring out his blood for me. I dwelled on the meaning of Passover and the bruised and pierced matzoh and the fulfillment of it in Christ. There was nothing lacking in my Christian walk, except perhaps suffering as a martyr.


My eyes began to open when I was shocked enough by lies of authority figures to stop making excuses for them and re-examined them in light of my training in cultic behavior. I then drew back and re-examined the scriptures to see if I had been deceived even there, and found that my earnest love for my savior was really an advanced delusion common to all cultists.


But this woman doesn't care about such things. She is still enchanted by the images in her mind and surrounded by others that serve to squelch any wavering. So she will deny my existence and trumpet the reality of her imagination.

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Well my friend, I think you summed it up for the lot of us, we wouldnt be here were we not so upset that we were let down, we are probably among the ones that were the fiercest of the believers, wanting to slay Goliaths for Christ and trying to move mountains and see Jesus coming with the clouds.


I did all that you spoke of, all to be a "True Christian" and to be in the know with the saints.


We will see if she or jeff are willing to YOKE UP!!!



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This woman is a real doozie--I saw one of her other videos that someone linked to from ex-c awhile back.


Jeff's babbling speaks volumes. It's exactly like taking arguments, usually quite articulate arguments, closing your eyes, covering your ears, and yelling "LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAA." It's too tough to address the comments in rational discourse, so instead he mysticizes it as the "spirit of atheism" so that he doesn't need to provide rational support for his position. Fuego is absolutely right saying that she (and he) doesn't want to know or listen.


Yokeup Lady, whatever her name is, sounds like she needs to be committed. True to her argument, I would not suggest that my family, my friends, my coworkers, my acquaintances, the convenience store clerk who sold me a newspaper yesterday, or even Yokeup Lady herself, do not exist (besides, solipsism is too much of a tangent here), but I spent years seeking god, believing he existed, talking to him in my head assuming he was out there somewhere telepathically picking up on my thoughts, and trying to contort, not very successfully, I might add, bible passages I was reading and normal stuff that happened in every day life as messages from god. This did NOT resemble the relationship I had with anybody I ever met! In fact, my relationship with god bore a remarkable resemblance to John's relationship with Hank, and I don't believe that hank exists, either. If Yokeup Lady believes she interacts with god the same way I interact with my next door neighbor, then there is a word for that: psychosis.

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Yeah...I found the "babbling" to overshadow everything I heard in that VID, it was like WTF??


Talk about marginalizing anybody before they even lft a comment, its obvious they have their "truth", so they dont need to listen, or communicate, they have the mysteries of life down cold.....lucky them??


Nah....I once thought I was in the same boat...it was a sinking ship my friend, now I am floating on the life raft of REALITY


I wanted that to sound all cool instead it sounds a bit cheezy. Shit.


Well its 430 int he morning, what do you expect?

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