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Goodbye Jesus

Man Is A Cruel Animal


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Man is a cruel animal


by Chris Hedges


"Those who attempt to mend the flaws in the human species through

force embrace a perverted idealism. Those who believe that history is

a progressive march toward human perfectibility, and that they have

the moral right to force this progress on others, no longer know what

it is to be human. In the name of the noblest virtues they sink to the

depths of criminality and moral depravity. This self-delusion comes to

us in many forms. It can be wrapped in the language of Western

civilization, democracy, religion, the master race, Liberte, egalite,

fraternite, the worker's paradise, the idyllic agrarian society, the

new man or scientific rationalism. The jargon is varied. The dark

sentiment is the same." (12/22/08)



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