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The Virtue Of Generosity


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The virtue of generosity

Tibor's Space

by Tibor R. Machan


"Some people divide us all into two groups, the greedy and the

altruists. This is a really simplistic way to understand human beings.

We are, in fact, motivated by a variety of habits and convictions. By

the most credible prominent account of human morality, that of the

ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, as we are properly raised by our

family and neighbors we learn to practice several important moral

virtues, such as courage, honesty, prudence and generosity. These are

all supportive of the best possible life for a human being. An ethical

youngster will grow up with all of these well-cultivated by his or her

elders. As we grow to adulthood, we would take over the habituation of

the virtues in ourselves so we'd act decently and morally without even

having to deliberate about it all the time. There are other views on

morality, of course, but Aristotle's is arguably the most humane and

sensible." (12/21/08)



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