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Goodbye Jesus

Christ In The Mass Without Christ


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Hey everyone,


I kept seeing the threads started asking how to deal with Xmas as an unbeliever or for those angry at god and/or the church and I didnt really comment, I didnt really want to think about it.


I didnt notice it until 2 days ago, I was sitting outside in the morning and realized I was in the "holiday SPIRIT", I mean, I felt good, like when I was a kid.


I hadnt felt that in over a decade, it is just Xmas...a holiday where people get together, give gifts if they can, get drunk, pass out from turkey. BS eachother while chain smoking on the patio....just regular human, family 'stuff'.


Then I realized why I felt this way.


No obligatory church services for hours, no trying to 'save' everyone, no worrying about the 'unsaved', no fretting over the date of Xmas and the birth of Jesus, no feeling the pressure to make sure everyone knows its all about Christ and trying to witness over the table and in commercial breaks....all that crap is gone now.


For me, its just going to be Churee, the kids and my pop. I decided not to deal with the rest of the family...Now that I dont have Jesus ruining my Xmas, why let them do it as well???


So I have actually felt peace and joy, I guess the old faded memories of a no pressure, plain old xmas brought on feelings of nostalgia and I found myself smiling. I thought I was going to be bitter or have to 'figure' out how to file this one away......not evem close, live and let live. I am glad to be alive.


Im seeing a new & improved Piracy very quickly, 2 months of deconversion and i am finding littl surprises in the middle of the nightmare, the little surprises are enough to keep me going, keep me fighting, keep me determined and keep me hopeful that one day we will be past all of this.


I hope many of you found the same type of inner peace..... the only thing Im upset about right now is eating too much 'MooseMunch' confection and feeling like I have to puke.....



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